Pepe Sales Independent Art Festival_______________________________________________________________________________

Dedicated to the dissemination of the work of cult authors who, at the time, have been considered cursed for their controversial attitude free of conditioning and the social forms that enveloped them by creating their own avant-garde and revolutionary language towards established culture.

The Festival is a meeting place for creators and trends. Throughout a week of events (plastic exhibitions, cinema, conferences, installations, performances, music, dance, poetry, etc. ) the artists, in their discipline, propose us a walk through the work and time of the author.

Nearly 150 artists, organizers and collaborators
, work selflessly to awaken awareness, foster thought, generate ideas and activate projects. An exercise in recognition and search.

Access to all the Festival's events is free of charge, with no restrictions other than capacity.

Dedicated each year to an independent creator: the poet Pepe Sales, who gives the Festival its name, Miquel Bauçà, Pedro Casariego, Lluís Vilà, Santa Teresa de Jesús, Carilda Oliver Labra, Juan Eduardo Cirlot, Renée Vivien, Roberto Bolaño, Jean Genet and Elena Garro.

The XII edition of the Pepe Sales Festival is inspired by the figure, work and time of the Korean artist: YI SANG (more info)

A contribution to the expansion of Korean culture: a national culture, with its own language and open to the world.